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Hoova's Customer FAQ for cleaning services in LA

Customer FAQ

Hoova is a versatile booking platform for local cleaning services. By enabling your location, you can explore a range of cleaning services in your vicinity, including details about each service and cleaner, like their reviews and other services they offer. If your desired service isn't available, our app lets you post a job request that alerts all the cleaners who can then accept your request or propose an alternative offer.

Booking a cleaner is a straightforward process with Hoova. First, download our mobile application from either the Apple Store or Android Store. Once downloaded, open the app and register to book a cleaning service. Browse the available cleaning services, and when you find your preferred service, press 'Book Now'. You can then choose your preferred time and location and add any details regarding your job. Once this is done, wait for the cleaner to confirm your booking.

Hoova is designed for ease of use. After downloading our mobile application and registering, you can search for cleaning services available in your area. When you find a service you want, you can book it directly in the app. Once the cleaner arrives at your location and begins the job, both of you have the option to 'Start' the job on the app, which triggers a timer. If the cleaner has to stop working for any reason, you can 'Hold' the job, pausing the timer so you aren't charged for this period. After the job is completed, the cleaner can add any extra charges and you can pay safely through the app.

If a cleaner doesn't respond to your booking within an acceptable time frame, please contact us directly. Alternatively, you can book another cleaning service to get a faster response.

If the cleaner fails to show up, we'll contact them directly to find out what happened. If they remain unavailable, you can book another service provider and we'll provide a 10% discount for the inconvenience.

Payment is made at the end of each service through the app using a credit/debit card. This ensures that the correct hourly rate is calculated and you pay for the exact time the cleaner worked.

Our app provides two booking options: fixed pricing or hourly pricing. For hourly bookings, the price is automatically calculated by an in-app timer that starts when the job begins and stops when it ends.

Job Post lets you create service requests visible to all cleaners on the platform. You can post a request for any specific cleaning service and cleaners can accept your offer or submit a counter offer.

If you forget your password, click 'Forgot Password' on the sign-in screen and enter your email to reset it. If you're still having trouble, contact us for further assistance.

Our terms and conditions are available on our website or directly through the mobile app on your profile tab 'Terms & Conditions'.

Yes, you can delete your account by going to the profile tab within the mobile app and selecting 'Delete My Account'.

You can use our live chat feature on our website for support or call us directly in case of emergencies.

Hoova currently uses Stripe, one of the world's safest and most widely used payment processors.


Want to know how it works? Check Our Quick Start Guide

Cleaner FAQ

Hoova is a platform that connects cleaners with potential customers. Cleaners can register, set their profiles and services, specify their charges, and connect with customers. Hoova takes a small percentage from each booking made through the platform.

To sign up, download the Hoova Mate application on either Apple or Android store and register as a cleaner. After your registration is approved (usually within 24 hours), you can proceed to add your services and the areas you operate in. You can also add any extra cleaning staff working under you directly on the app.

After downloading and registering on the Hoova Mate app, you'll get access to your cleaning management dashboard where you can see your bookings, earnings, and payments. You'll also be able to add services and operational addresses. Hoova takes a 15% commission on each booking. Payments are made directly through the mobile application and cleaner payouts are processed every 10 days into your bank account.

Hoova requests your banking details once you’ve been approved and provides payouts every fortnight. If you’re making more than 800 euros per month, you are required to pay for social insurance as requested by the government.

Yes, you can choose your own working hours and accept jobs based on your availability. Hoova allows flexibility so you can work when and where you choose.

Hoova sets a 15 mile radius for bookings, which means you should be able to get to your cleaning jobs using public transport if you don't have a car. However, all cleaners are responsible for arranging their own transportation to each job.

Yes, cleaners are generally required to provide their own cleaning equipment and uniform. However, if you don't provide cleaning equipment and products, you must mention this in your job descriptions and inform clients before accepting a booking.

Yes, with Hoova, you can add your own cleaning staff to your account and assign them jobs directly.

Hoova accepts all types of cleaning services ranging from home cleaning to hygiene cleaning, biohazard cleaning, and even mobile car detailing. Any service outside the cleaning spectrum will be removed.

When a customer makes a booking, you will receive a notification. Ensure you have notifications enabled and keep checking your bookings tab on the 'Hoova Mate' app. Review the service booking and if you're happy to accept, you can assign a cleaner to the job.

Every cleaner is required to submit their ID to the platform. If you're a company, you'll also need to submit your company documents for verification.

If a customer requests additional services, you can use the 'extra charge' option at the end of the booking to add it to the total bill of the customer.

Review the booking details, ensure the time and location are suitable for you, and contact the customer to confirm the booking. Once the job is done, request the customer to press 'finish' on their app so that you can add any extra charges and complete the booking from your side.

If you're having issues with a customer or if there's a language barrier, call Hoova for assistance. Do not accept or continue with jobs where you cannot communicate clearly with the client.

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