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How to Choose a Professional Airbnb Cleaning Service

Choosing the perfect professional Airbnb cleaning service might seem overwhelming with so many choices. But, this important decision can keep your place tidy, win over great guest reviews, and boost your Airbnb business’s success. This guide gives you a clear path to find the best professional cleaning service for your Airbnb.

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Key Takeaways

  • Identify your specific needs before starting your search.
  • Choose a service experienced in Airbnb cleaning.
  • Take into account service’s reviews and reputation.
  • Flexibility in scheduling is a must-have.
  • Evaluate the cost against the value provided.
  • Open and prompt communication is essential.

Lets Start Here

In Los Angeles, a city alive with action, Airbnb properties are in high demand. As a host, you strive to offer top-notch experiences to your guests. Cleanliness of your property is a key player in this effort. A spick and span Airbnb property impresses guests, prompts positive reviews, and draws more bookings. With so many cleaning services out there, choosing the right one can be tricky. This guide is here to help.

What does Airbnb cleaning include?

Airbnb cleaning includes cleaning the entire property between guest stays. This usually involves washing and replacing all linens, cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, vacuuming and mopping floors, dusting furniture and decor, and taking out the trash. It also includes restocking essential supplies like toilet paper, soap, and cleaning products. Some hosts may also choose to include deep cleaning tasks in their routine, such as cleaning the oven, washing windows, or cleaning carpets.

What is a typical Airbnb cleaning fee?

On Airbnb, the cleaning fee usually ranges between $50 and $80. However, this can change depending on the property size and location, as well as the amount of cleaning required. Some hosts might charge more for larger properties or those with more amenities to clean. The cleaning fee is a one-time non-refundable charge added to cover cleaning costs.

Know What You Need

Before you dive in, take a moment to outline your specific needs. Consider your property’s size, guest frequency, and any special requirements like pet-friendly or eco-friendly services. A clear idea of what you need helps narrow down the options.

Experience Counts

Not all cleaning services are the same. Some specialize in Airbnb properties, understanding the unique demands and high standards of Airbnb hosts. Such a service would be a good fit.

Image representing the top-notch cleaning services in Los Angeles, as featured in our article

Check Reviews

In the digital world, reviews and ratings are just a few clicks away. Prioritize cleaning services with good reviews, especially those from other Airbnb hosts. Their experience can provide valuable insights.

Availability and Flexibility

Bookings can happen any time, often without much notice. A cleaning service should be able to accommodate such unpredictability. A flexible schedule and the ability to handle last-minute bookings are essential.

Quick Tips

  • Consider a trial cleaning before long-term commitment.
  • Check if the cleaning service is insured and bonded.
  • Evaluate if you need add-on services like restocking or key exchange.
  • Keep communication lines open with your cleaning service.

Value over Price

Don’t just pick the cheapest service. Look at what you’re getting for the price. Does it cover deep cleaning or laundry services? Assess the cost against the value provided.

Communication is Key

A good cleaning service communicates effectively. They should respond quickly and keep you in the loop about your property’s status.

How long does it take to clean a four bedroom Airbnb?

Cleaning a four-bedroom Airbnb is a big task. On average, it could take anywhere from 3 to 6 hours, depending on the property condition after the guests leave, and how detailed the cleaning is. This includes time for washing and drying linens, cleaning all rooms, and restocking supplies. If the property has more amenities, like multiple bathrooms, a large kitchen, or outdoor spaces, it may take longer. Hiring professional cleaners or a cleaning team can make the process faster.


Choosing the right cleaning service plays a big role in your Airbnb business’s success. By understanding your needs, assessing experience, reviews, availability, cost, and communication, you can find a service that helps keep your property sparkling clean and inviting for your guests.

Image illustrating the step-by-step process of booking a professional cleaning service with Hoova
Click to experience the ease of booking professional cleaning services with Hoova.

For the addicted readers, read on…

How do I professionally clean my Airbnb?

To make your Airbnb spotless, start by decluttering the space. Get rid of any items left by previous guests. Wipe down all surfaces like furniture, appliances, and decor items. Clean the floors using a vacuum or broom, and mop if needed. Make sure the kitchen is clean. Wash all dishes and clean appliances like the microwave and oven. In the bathroom, make sure the toilet, sink, and shower are clean. Replace all linens, such as bed sheets, towels, and kitchen towels. Don’t forget to clean the windows and mirrors for a shining finish. Lastly, remove the garbage and put in new bin bags. Also, consider restocking supplies like toilet paper, soap, and cleaning products

How do I coordinate Airbnb cleaners?

Managing Airbnb cleaners requires good planning and communication. First, find reliable cleaners who know Airbnb’s cleanliness standards. You can find them through friends, online, or cleaning companies. After finding your cleaners, set up a cleaning schedule that matches your check-in and check-out times. Give the cleaners a detailed cleaning and restocking checklist for after each guest’s stay. Also, set up a system for communicating any changes in the schedule or special cleaning instructions. This could be through an online calendar, text messages, or a property management app.

Why is the cleaning fee so high on Airbnb?

Airbnb’s cleaning fee might seem high because it covers the cost of cleaning the property between guest stays. This includes tasks like washing and replacing linens, cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, vacuuming and mopping floors, and restocking supplies. Sometimes, the fee also covers the cost of hiring professional cleaners. The cleaning fee is set by the host and can vary depending on the property size and the level of cleaning required. It’s important for hosts to set a cleaning fee that accurately reflects their property cleaning cost to keep high cleanliness standards for their guests.

How long should it take to clean an Airbnb?

Cleaning an Airbnb can take different amounts of time depending on the property size, the cleanliness level left by the previous guests, and the specific cleaning tasks required. On average, it can take anywhere from 1 to 3 hours to clean a one-bedroom property. For larger properties, it can take several hours or even a full day. This includes time for washing and drying linens, cleaning all rooms, and restocking supplies. To make the cleaning process more efficient, have a detailed checklist and a systematic approach to cleaning each room.

How do I set up a cleaning fee on Airbnb?

To add a cleaning fee on Airbnb, go to your listings page on the Airbnb website and click on the listing you want to change. Click on ‘Pricing’ at the top of the page. Next to ‘Cleaning fee,’ click ‘Edit.’ Put in the amount you want to charge for the cleaning fee and click ‘Save.’ The cleaning fee will now be added to the total price of a booking for that listing.

How to interview cleaners for Airbnb?

When interviewing cleaners for your Airbnb, ask about their experience with similar jobs, when they can work, and their rates. Ask them about how they clean and what products they use. It’s also good to ask for references from previous clients. If possible, have them do a trial cleaning of your property and check their work to make sure it meets your standards. Good communication is important, so make sure they understand your needs and requirements.

What questions to ask when hiring Airbnb cleaner?

When hiring a cleaner for your Airbnb, you might ask these questions:

  1. When can you work and how flexible is your schedule?
  2. What cleaning supplies and equipment do you provide, and what will I need to provide?
  3. How long does it usually take you to clean a property of my size?
  4. What is your rate and what does it include?
  5. Can you provide references from other clients you’ve worked with?
  6. How do you handle situations where something is damaged or broken during cleaning?
  7. What is your process for ensuring all areas of the property are cleaned?
  8. How do you handle special cleaning requests or specific instructions?
  9. What steps do you take to ensure the safety and security of my property while you’re cleaning?

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