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Airbnb property sparkling clean after a professional cleaning by Hoova

The Growing Demand for Disinfection Services (Post COVID Era)

After COVID, people worldwide are more aware of cleanliness and hygiene at home. The focus on making a clean space has never been stronger. How has this changed the cleaning business, and what solutions are there for this growing need? Let’s dive in.

Key Takeaways

  • The post-COVID era has seen a big growth in the need for disinfection services.
  • Old cleaning ways often fall short in meeting these needs.
  • Hoova brings a new approach, focusing on clearness, flexibility, and quality.
  • The platform helps not only customers but also gives a lot of value to cleaners and cleaning companies.
  • In a world where health is first, Hoova stands out as the go-to solution for all cleaning needs.


The pandemic, while causing many problems, also changed how we see cleanliness. Suddenly, it wasn’t just about a clean living room or a tidy kitchen. Our families’ health depended on how well we cleaned. With cleaning and disinfection being so important, the need for professional cleaning and disinfection services grew. But was the old cleaning business ready for this? This is where the new marketplace, Hoova, comes in.

The Problem with Old Cleaning

Old cleaning ways, while good for everyday cleanliness, often don’t do enough for thorough disinfection. Also, the old problems of inefficiency, no clearness, and limited availability hurt the business. This made it hard for customers to find trusted services in urgent times. Plus, the changing nature of the pandemic meant people needed services that could adapt to sudden schedule changes. This is not common in old cleaning services.

Hoova’s New Solution

Seeing these challenges, Hoova made a place for itself in the cleaning marketplace. With a focus on clearness, flexibility, and quality assurance, Hoova offers:

  • Real-time availability: No more need for booking ahead. Hoova shows cleaner availability in real-time, fitting the changing schedules of today.
  • Clear pricing: No more hidden fees. Hoova’s upfront pricing model makes sure customers know exactly what they’re paying for.
  • Trusted pros: The platform’s strong review and rating system makes sure you get top cleaning pros every time.
  • Direct talk: Hoova’s easy-to-use app bridges the communication gap. It lets customers tell their specific cleaning needs easily.

Why the Post-COVID World Needs Hoova

The post-COVID world is one of caution. Families put their health first. They need cleaning services that are:

  • Quick: Seeing the urgency, Hoova allows on-demand bookings. This fits the changing nature of today’s world.
  • Trusted: Hoova’s clear profile system lets customers know who they’re letting into their homes. This builds trust.
  • Effective: With a focus on quality assurance, Hoova makes sure cleaning services are not just about looks. They’re also about making a healthy living space.

Gains for Cleaners and Cleaning Companies

While customers are important, Hoova hasn’t forgotten the backbone of the business – the cleaners. By giving help with getting their name out there and cutting down on client finding costs, Hoova offers a platform that helps both sides. Cleaners can now focus on what they do best. And cleaning companies have a solution to staffing problems.

Quick Tips

  • Understand the specific disinfection needs of the current environment.
  • Make sure to talk clearly with clients to address any worries.
  • Stay updated with the latest disinfection methods and products.
  • Put health and safety first, both for yourself and your clients.


The world changed post-COVID, and with it, the expectations around cleaning and disinfection. In such times, companies like Hoova that understand and address these changing needs stand out. By bridging the gap between customers and cleaners, Hoova is not just a platform. It’s a revolution in the cleaning business.

Image illustrating the step-by-step process of booking a professional cleaning service with Hoova
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