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Illustration of Hoova App's step-by-step customer cleaning guide

Your Must-Do Lists: Before and After Hiring a Cleaner with Hoova

Are you looking for a comprehensive guide to optimize your cleaning jobs? This guide is precisely what you need. It’s a detailed checklist created to help you navigate each cleaning job seamlessly, whether you’re preparing for a job, actively on the job, or wrapping up after a job.

Pre-Job Customer Checklist

Book a Service

Need to get your place cleaned? Don’t fret. Hoova has got you covered. Browse through a myriad of cleaning services on the Hoova app. Each service is unique and tailored to your needs. With just a few taps, you can book a service that suits your requirements.

Select a time slot & service location

Choosing the right cleaner is easy on the Hoova app. Check out various cleaner profiles. We’ve got detailed ratings and reviews to guide your choice. Pick the one that aligns with your expectations. Set up a suitable time slot and service location.

Specify Your Needs

Hoova is all about personalized service. Provide a detailed job description specifying the cleaning tasks you want. The more information you have, the better we can match you with the right cleaner.

Key Takeaways

Hoova’s app gives you many cleaning options. Pick the best for your needs.
Be clear in your job details. This makes sure the cleaner knows what to do.
When the cleaner gets to your home, press ‘Start’ on the app. Do the same when they are done.
After the job, take a good look at the work done. Pay and give a review for the cleaner.
Think about booking your next clean in advance. This makes the process easy and stress-free.

Receive Booking Confirmation

Once your chosen cleaner approves your booking, you’ll receive a notification. It doesn’t stop there; you can chat directly with the cleaner for further details.

Prep Your Home

Preparing your home for the cleaner is simple. Just remove any fragile items from the cleaning areas. If there are any no-go zones for the cleaner, make sure to point those out.

Provide Access

If you plan to be out during service hours, make arrangements for the cleaner to access your property. Hoova is all about trust and convenience.


Any special instructions or cleaning preferences? Don’t hesitate to communicate these to the cleaner in advance.

Start Job

Once the cleaner arrives, ensure both of you hit ‘Start’ on the app. This allows accurate calculation of the hourly rate. At the end of the service, remember to hit ‘Complete’ to ensure the correct charges.

Graphic highlighting the ease of using the Hoova app for cleaning services"

Post-Job Customer Checklist

Inspect the Job

Once the cleaning job is done, do a walkthrough of your property. Check the quality of cleaning. Make sure all tasks in your job description are completed. If you’re not home, request the cleaner to send you photos.


Complete the payment through the app for security and ease. This will also be handy in case of disputes or issues.

Provide Feedback

If there’s anything you’re not satisfied with, let your cleaner know so they can make it right before they leave.

Quick Tips

Tell the cleaner any special wants or needs before they start.
Pay via the Hoova app. This is safe and helps if there are any issues.
If there’s something you don’t like, tell the cleaner. They can fix it before they leave.
Rate and review the cleaner. This helps them, and it helps other users.
If you like Hoova, tell a friend about us. Help us grow!

Rate and Review

Leave a rating and review on the cleaner’s profile on the Hoova app. It helps the cleaners to improve their service and future customers in making their choices.

Schedule Next Cleaning

Impressed with the service? Consider scheduling your next cleaning right away through the app. Enjoy continued service quality and protection from Hoova.

Refer a Friend

Share the Hoova love! If you enjoyed your experience, refer a friend. Help us grow our community, one happy customer at a time!

With these checklists, enjoy a seamless and satisfying cleaning service experience with Hoova. We’re here to make cleaning hassle-free and efficient for you.

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